We at thedrawzone.com have certified RNG module and it can be seen live on our website.
iTech labs, Austalia has provided the RNG certificate after rigrous testing.

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THE API is simple to use and is generated in resilient infrastructure. The end-user finds it secure and encrypted which contributes to its fairness.

There are two ways in which we provide random numbers:

By Number of Digits:

a. Single Digit
b. Two Digit Random number
c. Three-digit random number
d. Four-digit random number
e. Five-digit random number
f. Six-digit random number

By Number of Steps:
a. Single step
b. Two steps
c. Three Steps
d. Four Steps
e. Five Steps

Users can combine the above two categories and find suitable solutions to their unique requirements.
Depending upon what you need we have API for various scenarios and businesses.
We love to hear from you write to us info@betmacan.com